Sacred Geometry Natural Energy Vortex, Chakra Psionic, Metaphysical Flower of Life Tucson & World Peace Meditations. Heart Awareness Excerises from Center of base geometric shapes, forms and colors. Universal Mandala Energetically Structuring a Better World

How Color Shape Vibration Can Help You

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~~Top 5 Reasons Color Spectrum Sacred Geometry® (CSSG) Will Help You~~

*We are Energy Beings and Energy Follows the Mind's Suggestion to Manifest Completely using CSSG Techniques
*CSSG uses Natural Structure of Light Aligning Energy Centers with Color Frequencies
*Pure Geometric Models Aligns with Naturally Occurring Matrix Found at the Root of All Creation
*CSSG Visualizations Occupy the Conscious Mind to Allow Powerful Subconscious Connections to Manifest
*Using CSSG Spectrum Light and Base Geometry is the Safest Most Effective Way to Fully Align All of Our Energy Centers

~Top 5 Reasons Color Spectrum Sacred Geometry® is a Very Important Discovery ~

*Direct CSSG Alignments are Found Directly in Christian Bible in Books of Revelation and Ezekiel and other Sacred Text
*In CSSG Color Frequencies and Base Geometry Always Follows Naturally Occurring Alignments Found in All of Creation
*CSSG is the Most Powerful Tool to Merge Sciences and Religions Ever Discovered
*CSSG is the Simplest Expression to Understand Most Profound Concepts of Space, Time, Consciousness and the Nature of All Creative Source
*CSSG takes Known Laws of Golden Mean Ratio, the Lambdoma Matrix and Seven-Fold Sound and Applies them Directly to Previously Unknown Laws of the Matrix of "Light" and "Pure Geometry"
*Moving Far Beyond Previous Metaphors of Universal Functioning CSSG uses Simple Mathematics and Science to Explain Dimensionality, The Nature of Space and Time and Universal Resurrection Process. This Will Lead to an Explosion in Consciousness Studies and Applications as Never Before Experienced Here on Earth

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