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$5.00 Administration Contribution Support Nature's Wheel and help defer the many costs associated with running this web site. If you find the information useful here and would like to contribute a set amount of $5.00 click the Donate Button below.

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Nature's Wheel Mission To Help Facilitate a Process that Allows Rainbow's Energy Field to Harmonize Self into Ever Expanding Areas of Awareness through the Aid of Universal Geometric Rainbow Languages of Sound, Light and Color.

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Be a part of a growing amount of people who are seeing value in a universal approach to understanding and applying natural energy sources. Any amount given is appreciated to further our mission of making this information widely available to as many as possible. Please contact us if you have any further questions about our informational outreach programs.

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Nature's Wheel Donation Guideline

Nature's Wheel is a licensed for profit business in the state of Arizona. Donations/Contributions are NOT tax deductible. Nature's Wheel pays all city, state and federal taxes due from Donations/Contributions received.



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