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David Noman Christy

On the outside it might appear my presentation is as one light worker friend recently wrote, "Your words are like precious diamonds.". Yet I feel I am just a beginner.... A Chela; a disciple and student of the esoteric practice. Like many, I am a searcher on a very mystical journey into the light. My words may be as diamonds. but mostly I feel they are more like diamonds in the rough, compared to the Grandeur and Potential of the Rainbow Promise. I came across this "Rainbow Connection Story" about 25 years ago. and was amazed and baffled by it as you probably are now. Since that time I have organized groups like World Healing Meditations and a Universal Children's Day Fair yet found it challenging to integrate this passion I have for Sacred Geometry and Rainbows into these events. During the 1990's I tried teach some classes but became disillusioned in my ability to reach people after only a few showed. Living in my mind-stream it seemed contradictory that this shy man was to be the one to sell the "universal knife that cuts steel" often finding myself on the defensive trying to show "This Rainbow Revelation" is true.. an uncomfortable place to be in when you are oversensitive to people's feelings and perhaps overcompensate by being overbearing. Now I am learning the most profound path... living in my heart moment to moment... May I always start from the heart, to reach a little deeper... May this be my Art.

The love for the Rainbow Equation has just kept growing; both in my heart and in the amazing simplicity and coherency to perhaps one day being understood as a keystone into realizing Light is OUR connection into a multidimensional universal language. Today this Rainbow Connection Story brings together So Much. It's AWESOME. Yet, I am just like you. at times feeling alone in this world, striving to know what is right and wondering if perhaps I couldn't do it just a little bit better. In times like this we tend to reach for our friends more than ever.

This is the Treasure at the End of the Rainbow I have found as Ones who Will, live in the moment, celebrate... with or without masks... it matters little for I will try to love you as you are. I celebrate in my heart when others reach out with their heart open and commune. It is this Commune-ity I seek most in life as the very least among us is Risen Up to Share as Equal, as Friend and Shinning Star. Thanks for Being my Love and Shinning Star Light Workers of the World. Indeed a New Day is Dawning.

PeaceBeing David Christy



Kenneth Ernest Christy Jr.

Kenneth was born February 14, 1950 . He characterizes himself as one who loves rainbows. His life-long research of science, metaphysics and psionics has helped to see connections to sacred geometry and dimensional energy grids found universally in all natural structures. He lives in central Arizona on a full government disability fund. Though somewhat physically limited, he remains a regular contributor of information for Heart Energy Structuring and Universal Field Equations.



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