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Psi White Light Heart Energy Inter-Play

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White Light

Three Ways to Activate White Light's Energy Movements

 1. Breathe into awareness of heart center into a place where alignments from all universal structure merge into one. Feel and activate energy matrix of heart center in alignment with universal circular/linear observed in a universal stream of time/no time.

2. In pure white consciousness align observer point at heart center. Breathe into spherical heart center, aware of center within the heart's pulsating sphere. Energize the center of heart's sphere connecting it with lines of intention to the centers of the closest packing of twelve pulsating spheres all about your heart-sphere. Activate spherical heart center connecting it to living vector-equilibrium matrix of twelve heart-spheres around one.

3. At heart center of three axes of observable space breathe and activate universal linear/circular and time/no time into one universal energy focal point of pure white consciousness. Aware of heart center and universal structured connection to all heart centers breathe and pulsate pure conscious white light along universal grid matrix

 Psi White Light Visualization

 Breathing into conscious and aware heart center feel and energize spherical heart center. Pulsate inwardly and outwardly with the breath moving to and through the shell of the spherical heart to a point of complete center. At complete center expand the breath's intention outwardly out through the heart's spherical shell and to a matrix of centers all about you. Inwardly feel lines of intention moving to spherical centers of twelve surrounding heart spheres. Breath moves lines of intention between observed heart center and closest packing of spheres' center energizing vector-equilibrium's energy source set into motion by intention. Breathe and pulsate aware heart spherical center in resonance with universal energy matrix connecting heart centers through pure white light of intention. Feel the lines of intention energizing outer shell of vector-equilibrium and heart center's connection to each. At heart center activate four wheels of hexagonal energy surrounding spherical heart center. In conscious awareness connect to first hexagonal ring feeling and activating spokes of intentions to spherical centers rotating around heart center. With more breath cycles add hexagonal wheels as heart's intention forms a synergetic matrix of four hexagonal energy rings to twelve other living spheres. Feel and energize four hexagonal wheels rotating them along their axis to center of aware heart. Spokes of pure white light are intentionally spinning as directed by conscious structure; spiraling into heart center and activating twelve surrounding heart sphere centers. At center of six directions of observable space activate an energetic white cube moving pure planes of intention left/right, top/bottom and front/back. At aware heart center activate all the white light planes of cube matrix energetically pulsating planes of experience to central lines of intention of vector-equilibrium connecting central outer lines of white light cube. At center of spherical heart intentional breath cycles energetic flows of cube matrix across 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th dimensional connectivity. Axis center breathes inwardly and outwardly with lines of pure white conscious intention synergizing all conscious heart centers with central heart.

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