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Psi Trinity Six Inter-Play

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Trinity Six

Three Ways to Activate Trinity Six's Energy Movements:

1. Moving into aware heart center feel energetic pulsating connectivity with all life. Allow their heart center to express freely.

2. With breath cycle move the red, yellow and orange lower vibrations of outer hexagonal ring along crystallizing matrix to higher vibrations of the indigo ring of blue and violet.

3.Breathe into your heart center, while seeing all life guided along a crystallizing path of pure intention toward heart center.

Psi Trinity Six Visualization

Moving into center, experience the center of centers. All about is structured energy. Feel flowing into center from many centers. Centered balanced structured triangular energy surrounds. Allow the energy from all life fields to flow along their lines of intentions, crystallizing in perfect order toward your heart center. Feel the indigo energy creating balance of form manifest; blending with blue and violet. The inner points of the six triangles of energy move from center axis to form hexagonal energy. Breath flows from center of indigo forming a hexagonal energy matrix with blue and violet. Feel centers of form moving into indigo energy heart center. Feel outer manifest form's perfect journey into structured triangular light energy. Orange, green and indigo lines of intention connect to hexagonal heart center. Feel all centers move naturally along orange, green and indigo lines of intention. Light flows along energy matrix from all outer centers to perfect center. Orange energy flows with red and yellow along its hexagonal matrix to perfect center with every breath. Green energy flows with blue and yellow along its hexagonal matrix to natural center with every breath. Indigo energy flows with blue and violet along its hexagonal matrix to natural center with every breath. All light energy centers align with balanced hexagonal heart center with ever beat. All centers of orange, green, and indigo hexagonal energy move inwardly and outwardly with every breath. Lines of intention guide energy along its natural journey. Breathe of intention guides to center experience of all centers. Centered you feel, all life energy is guided toward crystalline order where it can operate from its power center along lines of inspired heart-centered intention.


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