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Psi Third Eye Inter-Play

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Third Eye

Three Ways to Activate Third Eye's Energy Movements:

1. Move awareness to heart center allowing breathes to create space with the observed center. Feel the vastness of the space at heart center as pure intention quietly observes.

2. Activate the vastness of space at heart center with every inhalation and exhale out through this heart centered space into three lines of intention moving light energy to an orange, green and indigo trinity of direction producing seven fold rainbow planes as it journeys into manifestation.

3. At center, outward breathe moves heart-aware intention across space to line, planes and into 3D form. Inhaling, energize space around heart observing across spatial field the process of pure form moving into your spatial heart center from line of intention to planes into 3D; your pure form.

 Psi Third EyeVisualization

Energize the area around heart center. Breathe into the observed center and relax, letting go conditions and feeling an openness around heart center. Energize toward center moving even further into center with every breath. Intention relaxes more moving further in with every breath. Feel the space around the heart while moving across the vastness of space toward heart center. All is calm, centered and spacious as inward breath creates no form as it journeys to heart center. Spacious calm center moves the breath outward from heart center through undefined space along its journey toward manifestation. Observe and activate orange, green and indigo lines of intention trinity balanced around heart center. Energize trinity planes moving three-sided triangle planes into four-sided planes activating building blocks on their journey into form. Observing forward heart intention breathes into green planes of living energy. Breath energizes lines and planes of three and four combining yellow and blue with the other left and right observations of rainbow light energy. Orange energizes building blocks bringing red and yellow into observation, while at the same time indigo builds energy into blue and violet. Feel all three orange, green and indigo building blocks move along their path of manifestation with every breath cycle. Inhale bringing into vast heart spatial center into balance trinity aligned front with left and right. Feel the lines of intention move from vast undefined space across lines of pure intention and into trinity of planes of observation. Activate balance as planes of outside observation move gently into the calmness of your vast undefined heart center. Feel the same journey, outwardly and inwardly. Exhaling, living energy moves toward manifestation. Energize vastly spatial heart center journey in consciousness across trinity-balanced three-four planes of observation manifesting perfectly into all centers. Inhale breath naturally energizes the vastness of aware heart center while exhale breath energizes the vastness found naturally in all heart centers.


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