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Psi Tetrahedron Inter-Play

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Three Ways to Activate Tetrahedron's Energy Movements

1. Energize focal center of heart activating internal matrix points of tetrahedron to aware heart center, moving breath and heart into center and out to all centers.

2. Activate bottom triangular axis of orange, green and indigo while breathe cycle moves into heart center and out to heart centers. Energize front triangular green axis blending yellow and blue matrix into heart centers. Activate triangular left/rear matrix to aware heart center, radiantly blending red and yellow living orange energy. Activate triangular right/rear matrix energizing indigo's light through blending blue and violet bands of energy.

3. Inhalation and awareness at heart center connects crystalline form moving along triangular matrix activating internal centers. Heart and breath move outwardly, energizing matrix along rainbow triangular matrix crystallizing living light intention into all heart centers.

 Psi Tetrahedron Visualization

Energetically place awareness of heart center into the central matrix of tetrahedron. Breathe into the triangular central matrix with every inhale and continue to energize along the triangular matrix with exhalations. Feel connection to pattern and form as structured energy flows to aware heart center and out to heart centers everywhere to structure naturally. Energize heart as living energy returns along a crystalline triangular matrix to form clear intention in heart. Focused heart center energizes to bottom triangle matrix of orange, green and indigo. Feel bottom axis connect to front triangular green matrix as yellow and blue move energetically along a hexagonal matrix to aware heart center. Breathe into center as left/rear triangular axis activates radiant red and yellow bringing hexagonal orange living light to heart center. Breathe moves right/rear triangular axis and blue and violet flows freely to heart center along a hexagonal matrix of violet living energy. Remaining centered, energize the four tetrahedron's planes. Feel the hexagonal green plane of energy merge to the planes of orange and indigo energy to the left and right. Energetically merge three upper hexagonal planes of orange, green and indigo into lower hexagonal plane. Feel the orange, green, and indigo energy flow from lower plane to merge with upper planes of energy of red, yellow, blue and violet moving the energy inwardly with every inhale. With focused exhalation feel the green radiantly energy move from heart center out to green hexagonal plane merging the energies of yellow and blue. Moving the breath's energy to the left hexagonal plane merge red and yellow to charge orange axis and the light energy to right hexagonal plane merging blue and violet into a vibrant indigo. Feel the three upper planes and the lower projecting heart centered awareness out to all life structures. Fully breathing into heart center and completing this breath cycle, inhale along the same four tetrahedronal the crystalline matrix found in all heart centers


Psi Tetrahedron Bottom Axis

Energize from heart center to above planes of orange, green and indigo.



Psi Tetrahedron Left/Rear Axis

Energize from and to heart center blending orange's red and yellow planes.



Psi Tetrahedron Front Axis

Energize from and to heart center blending green's yellow and blue planes.



Psi Tetrahedron Right/Rear Axis

Energize from and to heart center blending indigo's blue and violet planes.

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