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Mind Heart Synchronicity Clock Inter-Play

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Heart/Mind Energy Synchronicity Clock

Description: Synchronicity Clock is a mandala to move creative energy Naturally. Using your heart and mind you activate from center with lines of intention using three primary rainbow colors. This intention then moves across planes of manifestation as observer point at heart mind center activates rainbow energy. Symbolically the twelve signs of the zodiac are represented here, each a different wonderful expression of uniqueness and each working toward the center to unify energize and activate beyond time yet within time in the Synchronicity Clock of Life. Synchronicity Clock mandala connects our Intention along the Heart/Mind energy grid of the rainbow. The out-breath brings alignment of will with outer planes of manifestation and inner breath moves planes of outer world energy along rainbow grid to align universal potential with self.

Three Ways to Activate Heart/Mind Power with Synchronicity Clock's Heart Energy Structuring

Beginning... Intermediate... Advanced


Heart/Mind Beginning... Synchronicity Clock

1. Placing awareness at heart center, feel orange, green and indigo lines of energy moving evenly inwardly and outwardly in a circular pattern with the breath.

2. Feel these lines of light energy moving along lines of pure intention on their journey into manifest planes of experience and form.

3. With attention and intention at heart center, feel the balance to the front, rear, left and right merge into a circle of cooperation with all planes of energy.


Heart/Mind Intermediate... Synchronicity Clock

See your self at the center of the Synchronicity Clock with your eye becoming one with the central perspective or “eye” of the mandala. Breathe into this center where interior reality blends with exterior planes of experience. Feel your heart center flowing toward center with each breath connecting your eye of your mind with the intention of your heart. Breathe... relax and flow with the moment.
At the center of time and beyond time you are ready to take your journey into the rainbow grid. From your heart/mind center move the intention and the wisdom of love and wisdom outwardly along rainbow lines of intention. The primary colors of orange, green and indigo are energized along these lines of intention. Moving intentional energy with breath, the one dimensional lines move outwardly to the first level of expression or manifestation in the two dimensional world. Energize the primary rainbow lines of intention into the secondary planes of experience of 2d interplay with reality. Breathe into this moment as the rainbow natural flows control the flow... you simply be and allow to be.
In energizing the Rainbow Grid along the Synchronicity Clock we move within time and beyond time... on a journey of first and second dimensions... connecting the dots in the ethereal within our 3D experiential reality.


Heart/Mind Advanced... Synchronicity Clock

Centered, in the center of the circle, breathe light in and out. Feel the energy three and four as seven energetic rays of light encircle. Feel the energy of order as three times four merge to the living energies of twelve. Breathe into center heart awareness. Living planes of energy extend balance of three and four from center. Four living planes of energy extend at right angles from heart center to form a cross.

Order is brought to the world as light moves in and out of center. Closest to center, inner awareness expresses circular lines of light. Expressing with every breath cycle; orange, green and indigo lines of intention pulsate from innermost center. Feel ordered light move from center to subtle form, pulsating a rhythm of intention moving equally in all directions. The orange, green and indigo lines of intention move naturally into the world of form. Intention moves into creation planes. Intention is creating orange light energy pulsating between red and yellow. Intention is creating green light energy moving blue and yellow from intent to planes of manifestation. Heart-centered mind's eye; intention creates indigo light energy merging blue and violet. The circular cycle of light found in all life manifests experientially from one breathe to seven energy rays. Centered, breathe into heart center. Feel balance of intent all about. Move orange, green and indigo in and out to its perfect journey into form with every breath. The perfect journey of light pulsates in and out with every beat of centered heart and breath. Intentional breath merges orange energy into red and yellow planes of creation. Intentional breath merges green energy into yellow and blue planes creation. Intentional breath merges indigo energy into blue and violet planes of creation. Flowing as nature, breathe; pulsate with pure intention. One light moves from inner and outer centers creating order in life's circle of experience.

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