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Psi Sphere Inter-Play

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Three Ways to Activate Sphere's Energy Movements

  1. At heart center feel axis center in sphere top to bottom. Breathe into and energize lower spherical light energies of orange's red and yellow. Energize green middle spherical plane ring moving horizontal to heart center blending living energies of yellow and blue. Above spherical light energies blend indigo into blue and violet from and to heart center.

2. At aware heart center breathe and energize plane rings top/bottom, front/back and left/right. Inhaling move the horizontal ring of living energy clockwise from left, to rear, to right and then to front axis. Exhaling reverse the direction energy axes points counterclockwise. Repeat same steps with next living plane ring energizing forward axis point from heart moving circularly to bottom point, to rear and back up to top axis point. Exhale and reverse directions; top to rear, to bottom and to the front. Finally, energize living plane ring moving energy on inhale from top to right, to bottom and up to left axis point. Reverse direction on exhale.

3. Exhaling, create spiral vortex moving energy along the outer apple shaped pattern of an atom. Move energy in spiraling pattern from red spherical planes to orange to yellow. Moving upward the energy spirals through yellow, green and blue. Blue continues upward to indigo and violet. Inhaling move collected universal vortex energy from sphere's top and bottom axis energizing a pure white line of intention flowing at heart center.

Psi Sphere Visualization

Inhaling, move into heart aware center. Energize spherical energy moving in toward center. Move living energy along lines of intention from spherical space all around forming a matrix of information along observable planes into heart aware center. Energize spherical plane axis left and right of heart center. Breathe into this axis connecting sphere's axis points top/bottom and front/back. Inhaling and exhaling feel and energize heart center to three axes left/right, top/bottom and front/back. Feeling centered in three pulsating axes of space, feel white light connecting heart center to all heart centers. Energize top/bottom axis moving energy along white shaft of light. Intentional breath moves spherical plane energy from bottom axis point starting at red, moving to orange and upwardly along an ascending vortex of yellow living energy. Energizing living yellow energy moves horizontal ring of light into plane dimension blending with green and blue's ascending planes of energy. Living vortex swirls upwardly energizing spherical planes indigo and violet. Feel the universal circular vortex of energy swirling upwardly along observable planes of 7fold energy as aware heart center holds shaft of white light along top/bottom axis. Breath energizes 7fold light vortex energy moving outwardly spiraling energy up through seven living energy rays and inwardly along a shaft of white light connecting heart center to vertical rotating axis. Breathe outwardly along the spherical spinning vortex's shell energizing the pure white shaft of light connected to heart center. Energize the heart center with white light flowing along dimensional planes from all directions. At aware heart center feel a shaft white light flowing from axes directions of left/right, top/bottom and front/back. Energize each shaft of energy as heart center activates vortex's point into six directions of space. Feel 1st vortex center point at heart center flowing in from left of center and 2nd vortex's point flowing in from right of heart center. Activate 3rd and 4th vortices streaming in with larger circles of energy from top and bottom and moving inwardly into smaller and smaller circles toward energetic heart center. Move active living energy with breath into 5th and 6th vortices flowing energy into the heart center from spatial directions of front and back. Along the spinning axis of each of the inwardly spiraling universal circular vortexes activate a pure white shaft of light connecting heart center to six directions of space. Feel and activate the universal circular vortex energy along the shell of the sphere merging the six directions into one inward spiral of living light energy. Aware heart center moves living circular vortex with inhale breath moving energy inwardly guided by pure planes of all-encompassing experience. Exhaling, activated heart center moves vortex energy along shafts of pure white light manifesting purely in all-encompassing experience.


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