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Psi Rainbow Light Heart Energy Inter-Play

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Rainbow Light

Three Ways to Activate Rainbow Light's Energy Movements

1. Moving awareness into heart center, breathe into rainbow energetically structured 3D cube. Energize living colors along left/right, top/bottom and front/back feeling orange, green and indigo flow from the dimensional axes of 2D and 3D axis of linear, circular and time/no time.

2. Left and right flowing in and out of heart center feel 2D Trinity Hexagon and 3D Tetrahedron blend seven-fold colors to center cube. Energize front and back bringing in living indigo blended energies from circular axis moving 2nd dimensional Logos Circle Seven to heart center while energetically moving 3D Sphere with pulsating heart and breath cycle. Feel and energize time axis into world of form moving 2nd dimensional plane energy of zodiac and three dimensional energy of 3D Triangle into central now experience of heart awareness through cube energy matrix.

3. Energize as vortex center of heart's cube matrix the six directions of observable space; left/right, top/bottom and front/back. Move light energy along streaming vortex energizing at heart center the connectivity of 2nd and 3rd dimensional circular, linear and experience of time/no time. Feel and energize six spinning vortexes blending base universal sources from six directions into one heart center.

Psi Rainbow Light Visualization 

 Move into awareness of heart center, feeling connectivity to left/right, top/bottom and front/back. Energize axis point of heart center moving energy in and out with breath cycle. Pulsate living energy in and out to the six observable axis of space along the flow of structured light and color. Left and right of observer heart-center move the orange energy of living red and yellow vibrations into heart aware center. Activate top and bottom moving green living light energy across vibrations of yellow and blue blending at central point of heart awareness. Breathe inwardly and outwardly along front and back indigo axis activating planes of blue and violet living energy. At aware heart center feel the three axes of orange, green and indigo pulsate along the energy matrix of cube's third-dimensionality. Feel and energize universal sources linear, circular and time/no time. Activate left/right linear axis breathing across universal dimensional structures of 2nd dimensional Trinity Hexagon and 3rd dimensional Tetrahedron blending full spectrum linear energy inwardly and outwardly at heart center. Breathe into the circular axis energizing 2nd dimensional Logos Circle Seven with heart center and 3rd dimensional Sphere. Connect universal sources of full spectrum linear and circular with heart awareness of time/no time. Feel the energy as breath activates dimensional experience moving it 2nd and 3rd dimensionally across linear and circular axes. Breathe and feel the pulsating energy as space merges time/ no time along shimmering indigo axes at heart aware center. Breath merges dimensional axis of no time into the eternal moment of now. Activate energy structures as universal linear and circular move along dimensions of no time to manifest in experiential world of time and form. Create a vortex at heart center extending up to encompass 3D Triangle with swirling living energy. Connect bottom observation of heart center with 2nd vortex swirling from center of heart to Zodiac plane. To the front and rear energize 3rd and 4th heart vortexes extending into universal circular structures. At heart aware center extend and activate 5th and 6th vortexes to the left and right blending universal linear energies into rhythmic breath cycle. Feel the six planes of universal observable space swirl into one at heart center and out to all heart centers as time/no time, 2D/3D and linear/circular spin into inward and outward expressions of breath and heart.

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