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Heart/Mind Logos Circle Seven Inter-Play

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Heart/Mind Energy Logos Circle Seven

Description: Seven perfectly interlinked circles flow the four directions of east, west, north and south. These four are linked together with the three of inner, middle and outer circles producing a rainbow energy flow across all. Logos Circle Seven Expands Heart/Mind energy along the rainbow grid with the out-breath and expands inner awareness and creativity with the in-breath.

Three Ways to Activate Heart/Mind Power with Logos Circle Seven's Heart Energy Structuring

Beginning... Intermediate... Advanced


Heart/Mind Beginning... Logos Circle Seven

1. Observe there are seven circles. There are four circles the same size as the inner circle. These four circles are at 90 degree right angles to the center of the innermost circle. Observe the next largest circle is formed at the points the four circles cross over and the largest seventh circle encloses them all.

2. Observe the rainbow colors starting at red in center, spiral both direction and orange is seen. This orange continues spiraling and moves into yellow. Yellow spirals outwardly to move into the next ring becoming green. The green spirals into blue where it merges into the highest ring of color. The blue spirals to encompass indigo and violet.

3. Observe and feel the energy of four circles connecting horizontally at your heart center left, right, front and back. Observe and feel inner, middle and outer rings balanced horizontally to heart center. Feel and activate energy by moving breath slowly in and out while expanding inner rainbow ring and then activating middle rainbow ring and continue to outermost rainbow ring.



Heart/Mind Intermediate... Logos Circle Seven

1. Energize equal size rings of energy to front, back, left and right of your heart center. The inner part of each light ring is connecting to heart center.

2. Activating heart center, energize smallest inner light circle while blending orange from red and yellow. Next activate middle sized ring of light energy blending yellow and blue to radiate a green ring. Then, the heart center is activated to produce shimmering ring of indigo light from blue and violet.

3. With attention at heart center, move the light energy from center, middle and outer rings. Feel the balance of circular energy flowing front, back, left and right. Use breathes to move from one energy ring to the next.


Audio Feature Listen Along to 5 Minute Visualization

Heart/Mind Advanced... Logos Circle Seven

1. Center and breath energetic rings of color extending out from heart center for several feet. Feel living energy as circular rings of light extend at right angles from center of heart awareness. From heart center, the front circle of living energy extends forward and balances the rear ring of light extending energetically behind. Through created heart awareness the left and right circles of light extend their living energies and are energized to spin more freely. Feel the four living circular energies spinning front, rear, left and right.

2. Center and breathe orange's energetic inner ring, red and yellow flow in and around heart center for just a few feet. Feel orange's energetic circular flow all around, breathing outwardly red and yellow and inwardly yellow and red. This energetic exchange fills heart with orange light as each breath moves between red and yellow. Remaining as the true center of seven circles of light, energize the next outermost middle ring of light a few feet further out from heart center awareness. Feel green energy pulsate in and out with every breath cycle. In heart-awareness energize the blending of yellow and blue planes of light moving through living green circle. Heart awareness energy extends several feet to energize outer indigo circle of blue and violet light.

3. Feel each breath expand awareness of created light energy. Feel orange inner ring moving, with every beat expanding and contracting to and from heart center. This heart beat flows in and out of the center ring of green light. Every beat and breath expands and contracts to energize outer indigo ring of light. Heart awareness moves to energize orange, green and indigo rings of light. Circularly, blue and violet light spins indigo ring of light merging into blue and yellow's spinning of green energy completing this rhythm cycle of pulsating life once again as yellow and red spin back to orange center.


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