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Psi Cube Inter-Play

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Color Spectrum Sacred Geometry Cube Visualization

Three Ways to Activate Cube's Energy Movements:

1. Move to heart-center awareness and feel symmetry of balance left/right, front/back and top/bottom.

2. Energize living light energies creating and moving at right angles in each step. 1st dimension = line, 2nd dimension = plane and 3rd dimension = form.

3. Energize planes of energies left and right of yellow and red producing orange axis. Follow same step to make front and back energies alive with green energy from walls of yellow and blue. Indigo living energy complete matrix as it is energized between above and below axis of blue and violet.

Psi Cube Visualization

 Move attention to heart center. Feel breath's intention as it moves in and out toward heart center and out to synergize with all other living energy fields. Move to the center of the cube seeing from within and looking out through walls of colored glass. Feel symmetry of living energy to the left and right being balanced to front and back of heart center. Now move this balance that projects forth from center at right angles and continue to build energy at right angles as walls of energy are energized above and below. Breathe into the cube's center moving the breath's life energy along the right angles that are the building blocks of dimension. Energetically move energy from 1st dimension line projection. Build 2nd dimensional energy as line moves at right angle to form a living plane of energy. Take these energy building blocks and move line to plane and again at a right angle to form a living three dimensional cube. Feel the central energy of the cube as heart aware center pulsates inwardly and outwardly along symmetry axes of left/right, front/back and top/bottom. The crystalline walls of the cube are brought to heart center awareness. To the left, red and yellow translucent walls stream orange to center. The right two walls of red and yellow are activated. Living orange energy streams in at right angle to heart center. The front and rear two walls of nine planes radiate energy into the heart aware center. Green streams into heart center as walls to front and rear flow radiantly in and out living energies of yellow and blue. At a perfect right angle to balanced left/right, front/back flows living energy above and below in brilliant indigo iridescence. Above two walls of nine planes combine blue and violet to illumine indigo hue. As above, so is it below as symmetry planes of indigo living energies are activated at aware heart center. Feel the living energies of orange, green and indigo form perfect 3D alignment as heart center energetically forms a matrix benefiting all life.

Translucent Rainbow Cube Producing Structured Light



The cube matrix is in alignment with 3D space and the walls of nine found in the rainbow structured cube producing natural geometric energy. Moving Light Energy through red and yellow walls produces orange symmetry. There is symmetry by combining yellow and blue light energy to make green and also indigo's light structure is revealed moving it through the plane walls of blue and violet. This energy is furthered structured when you place yourself at heart center to the cube's center perspective in everyway moving the light energy along its natural path.

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