Sacred Geometry Natural Energy Vortex, Chakra Psionic, Metaphysical Flower of Life Tucson & World Peace Meditations. Heart Awareness Excerises from Center of base geometric shapes, forms and colors. Universal Mandala Energetically Structuring a Better World

Spinning Crystal Matrix Cube

(GMT)Greenwich Mean Time ~~ (UTC)Coordinated Universal Time:

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Rainbow Heart Energy Structuring Visualization



Breathe in the structured light of space itself. Move your breath into heart center and out to all heart centers everywhere. At heart aware center, activate point of boundless space, moving it as a line of intention into world of form. Activated heart center moves lines of pure intention into pure planes of visibility. Breathe into living light energy moving it from point, to line, to planes of experience of 3D form. Activate 7fold structured space itself. Be light structured rainbow cube as breath and heart pulsate through 2nd and 3rd dimensions of 4th dimensional space in nature's linear and circular energetic patterns. As true dimensional center; time, experience and you, as observer, synergize into one.




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