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Psi Clear Light Heart Energy Inter-Play

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Clear Light

Three Ways to Activate Clear Light's Energy Movements

1. Breath into heart aware center activating living energy inwardly and outwardly moving toward further center. Feel the space around the spherical heart shell energize space as consciousness moves through it toward an infinite center and centers.

2. Activate space with movement of breath and heart moving living energy along matrix of crystal clear 3D cube. Merge beyond time into forth dimensional pure energy. Feel the essence of total universality crystallize along clear matrix of six observable dimensional planes left/right, front/back and top/bottom. Activate crystalline matrix of space merging total universality essence into total universal dimensional expression .

3. Intentional breath cycles activate ever-expansive heart center moving living energy toward absolute center and outwardly toward all centers of clear conscious space. Energize first dimension's line of intention to and from heart center. Move second dimension's living energy along planes of experience into third dimension's matrix of form. Energize matrix connecting 3D form to fourth dimensional omni-directional clear space cube. Breath and heart pulsates living energy into and from heart center through the living being of space synergistically connecting with omni-present total universality essence .

Psi Clear Light Visualization

 Breathe and move into aware conscious center. Inhaling, move intention into spherical heart center and exhale living energy out to all heart centers. Activate center heart essence moving living energy into center, moving further in on every breath cycle. Move to spatial center within aware conscious heart core energizing interior life energy with breath cycle. Move and activate heart energy life systems all around with exhalation feeling life energy move from centered heart to matrix of hearts. Activate life energy sources of living spheres of energy connecting to six directions of observable dimensional space left/right, top/bottom and front/back. Feel and activate pure crystalline energy of space from aware heart center moving vortexes of information along grid matrix pulsating in and out of heart center. Aware heart center observes and energizes fourth-dimensional space. Conscious heart center moves grid matrix energy along clear lines of intention. Feel and activate heart center as energetic living lines of intention form axis point at heart center of eight clear and hollow closely-stacked cubes merging their interior corners to aware heart center. Feel the energetic lines of intention move into pure matrix as heart center becomes center of the eight cubes' energy vortex. Breath and heart rhythm awareness move heart energy into center along cube matrix along clear space cube matrix and out to all living beings. Heart aware center moves cube matrix energy into center of 3D energetic cube resonating heart center to center of closest stacking of 27 space cubes along the six directions of observable dimensional space left/right, top/bottom and front/back. Pulsate heart center along clear cube matrix of 3D clear space cube moving to center cube through matrix of 26 closely surrounding cubes. Feel and energize building blocks of intention moving along pure matrix into manifestation. Shifting energetically, pulsating heart-rhythm and breath move into connective synergy of fourth-dimensional reality. Energetically move heart center into grid matrix of fourth-dimensional expression. In pure heart essence feel connective matrix along all energy grids. Move and energize heart essence to all encompassing universal presence. Activate heart awareness as eternal essence of boundless heart center merges with all encompassing omni-essence connecting all living energies as one. Aware heart center moves breath and heart toward lines of pure intention building planes of experience, energetically structuring 3D form as cube matrix forms vortex axis in six directions of dimensional observable space. Energize 3D clear space cube as six vortexes spin at heart's central axis. Energize 4D clear space cube connecting aware heart spherical center to axes of closest packing of living energy spheres centers forming lines of intention between living energy of 4D clear space cube and vector-equilibrium's balance of vortexes. Breathe into heart center as matrix of 64 closest-stacked clear space cubes form synergetic relationship to all centers. Bring awareness to spinning axis center of heart center as cube's six directions of observable dimensional space spin purely with axis center of twelve surrounding spheres. Move heart center beyond all time and expression into pure essence.


The energy axes found in the interrelationships of vector-equilibrium, cube matrix and closest packing of spheres draws the observer into a power energy vortex at center as one aligns conscious breathing and heart rhythm to heart energy structuring exercises.


Rainbow Cube, White Cube and Clear Cube Dimensional Mathematics

Count up all the colored, white and clear sectors on the Rainbow Equation and you will see there are dimensional relationships between the space we see (colored or painted), the space of consciousness (white) and the space of essence (clear).

3F is abbreviation for third frequency 3D cube also shown as closest stacking of 27 cubes three levels in directions of observable dimensional space left/right, top/bottom and front/back. The 3F Cube Universal Ratio number is equal to 324

4F Cube is the fourth frequency 4D Cube and is illustrated as the closest stacking of 64 cubes four levels in directions of observable dimensional space left/right, top/ bottom and front/back. The 4F Cube Universal Ratio number is equal to 768

Painted Rainbow

Painted Rainbow = Both sides of every rainbow colored sector and line (not including 3F cube) = 4 to the third power times 12 = 768. ______________ Total Total rainbow colored sectors of 3F Cube = 324.

White Light

White Light = Total sectors of vector equilibrium symmetry planes = 4 to the third power times 12 = 768 ______________ Total white sectors of the Sphere (4) + Tetrahedron (32) times 9 = 324.

Clear Light

Clear Light = Total clear sectors in 4F Cube (not including Zodiac (24) + Trinity Hexagon (12) = 4 to the third power times 12 = 768 _____________ Total clear sectors of Zodiac (24) + Trinity Hexagon (12) times 9 = 324

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