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Rainbow Heart Visualizations

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Learning to Fly with the Power of the Heart

Joining with OUR heart we take a wonderful journey into healing and nurturing. We step to the edge of the unknown and for some of us we are afraid wondering what if I step off will I fall or will I fly? Yet step we do and in this very act of trust we catch the wind of spirit beneath our wings. We are given the direction to and lift to and move to where can be of Greatest Service. Here in the Heart of OUR I AM we become the breath and the heart beat for A World and A People and indeed All Life. We stand in the full rainbow spectrum of our heart and visualize Unity and Love for ALL. In this the perfect momentum and the union of All Life is one with the wings of love streaming forth from our unified heart center. We truly become instruments of peace and peace takes root in the hearts of every man, woman and child. We Visualize world peace and it Manifest Magnificently just like the most perfect dream. In this Beloveds OUR Work and Play and Dance for Return to the Garden of our Sweet Mother Earth becomes Most Precious. We are that momentum of this moment to Create a New Heaven and thereby create the change for A New Earth.
So we are Invited from the Deepest Reaches of our Soul to Step to the edge of our Deepest Reaches of OUR Desire to Love and Be Loved. Opening our Arms and Hearts we Are the Mighty and Wondrous Rainbow Being and We Soar... All Soars... far beyond Limitations into a Land of Awe. We have Become that Bright and Shinning Star, Luminescent and Full of Light and Love for We Now Live in the Amazing Power of OUR Heart where All is Possible. Dream, Visualize and Be the Love You Are... Peace is at Hand!

Join with us individually or collectively Each Monday at 11:00 GMT This is in the evening for United States and Canada starting at 4pm PST , 5pm MST, 6pm CST and 7pm EST. Other countries can check their time with easy to use: (time zone converter) link here These world wide events are Free on Live audio feed at on Ventrilo Voice Chat Click here to set up Ventrilo on your computer

Facilitated by David Christy aka Natures Wheel



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