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Global Heart Structuring Inter-Play

(GMT)Greenwich Mean Time ~~ (UTC)Coordinated Universal Time:

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Heart Energy Structuring Around the Globe


7:00 Your Local Time


Join with people around the world as they energetically join hearts and minds with intent to better our world. Share a few minutes or join for full hour each day. Join in with your heart energy structuring exercises to blend and create streams of synergetic energy around the globe. There is no particular order or ritual associated with Global Heart Structuring. You are invited to participate by being yourself, moving at your own pace. Allow intention to guide, sharing what ever heart energy you have at the moment. There is no right or wrong way to activate structured light energy from heart center. Simply choose to stand energetically at heart-center between formed and unformed allowing the best to be brought to the light of consciousness.

Energetically join 12 noon-1pm UTC /GMT or 7-8pm Your Local Time. Find out what Universally Coordinated Time to participate in your location Visit World Time Clock

In Tucson, Arizona the 12 noon Universally Coordinated Time to energetically gather structured heart energy is 5:00-6:00 am . You can also energetically join with others 7-8pm local time around the globe creating light rings in early evening gatherings for each time zone as Earth revolves around each day on its axis.







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