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Blog "+Opposites-Attract?: Rainbows and Equations"

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+Opposites-Attract?: Rainbows and Equations

Rainbows are oh so beautiful there in the sky giving us a feeling of tranquility and awe. Equations form rigid in the mind and give us a feeling of "MUST" be this way. Most of us believe to see the world the way that we have learned to observe it. We see and as we accept this is true then this observation becomes our reality. In blending the logical mind of equation and the artsy mind of awe we begin to arrive at central perspective. In blending we see there is MUST and AWE. Through choosing to blend we can activate our faith of universal connectivity to such a degree knowledge is replaced by knowing/must and acceptance/awe.

Universal essence is a blending of many so-called polarities of energy; such as hot and cold, dark and light, good and evil. Actually, such polarities are in the functioning of the mind's observation. The observation says, "These are opposites forming a polarity". The reality is cold is the absence of heat, dark is formed by the absence of light and evil only gives rise in the mind as it recognizes the absence of good. Polarity thinking is a construct of the rational mind to give reasoning to experiential field around us. As the reasoning of the mind comes to some sort of realization of the ONENESS of the apparent so-called polarity it moves into faith, knowing and eventual acceptance and awe.

In being the type of observer who sees rainbows and butterflies in everything we may miss some of the true beauty of merging the science, the MUST, into the moment of the now. The beauty moves us and our experience gives us faith to move mountains. if only we could get out mind and heart to cooperate. Faith in the apparent opposite: You/Moving Mountains, must at some point build to a point of beyond-ness into knowing to eventual awe. We can not move anything in less first our mind agrees it can be move and then moves to accomplish this. This mind/heart agreement is knowing, acceptance and for many of us awe. So rather we are moving our hand for another bite of food or manifesting a new career or moving mountains we always go through this process of manifestation from mind to eventual form in the experiential field. The Key is in seeing the beauty and awe of the Rainbow and Know YOU are ONE. You dwell in the same seven-fold that gives scientific reality to the seven-fold structure of the Rainbow as light and Music as sound. We are not polarities in some sort of dual realities, separating our beauty from our logic, we are seven-fold and have a spectrum of wonderful ways to operate our being. Science is showing the beauty of the mind connected into the experiential field and how the intent of the heart can change the eventual manifestation. As this knowing the true power of mind is moved beyond Faith into Knowing and Acceptance it will manifest Awe in all Human Spirit. We will be as Rainbow. fully connected to our Beauty Knowing our ONENESS.



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