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Language Myths: Christian Vs. New Age

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Blog... Language Myths: Christian Vs. New Age

In these days of plenty there seems to be plenty of fears going around about that which is essentially the same universal source. There are belief systems that are set up here, particularly in the United States, that on the surface appear to be not working together. The more fundamentalist Christian might say and act in ways that exclude a New Ager's point of view. While some New Agers find it hard to narrowly focus on a singular belief system or Godhead. There are, however, many, like myself, which choose to look at a further core values found in both approaches to the same universal source. Moving beyond fear in this research of merging New Age with Christian has led me to see the biggest challenge here is all a matter of Language. Humans tend to associate with the sources which move and propel them into more communion. Christians will use techniques found in "scripture" while New Agers will be open to an "open book" approach. Each has value based upon the truth of mind and heart in resonance with source upon their broadcast into consciousness.

It is Language-ing, or the process of using language, that has brought about most of the confusion. You see, I am what some would call a Hard Core New Ager/Hard Core Christian. For nearly thirty years now I have walked that line between the two. Becoming a Christian came naturally as it was something we did on Sundays and Summer Vacation Bible School. Then as a young adult I began to see the power of consciousness as synchronicities connected with my very thought field. Now I had a choice to move in fear of consciousness studies outside Christian circles or find a way to use this energy created by the fear and allow it to form a bridge in the two thought forms of New Ager and Christian. It became clear, after years of letting go of false ego and pursuing inner work, it did at last begin to make sense. It is all about Language-ing, there is no separation. This has allowed me to sit, wave my hands, and even dance proudly in faith-filled churches and still connect to the same inner guidance and strength at drumming circles and violet crystal resonance ceremonies at harmonic convergence and world healing sacred gatherings. I have found in large the New Age community accepting of me but please don't dwell on that Bible stuff, while the vast majority of Christians would find it had to accept my radically inclusive and eclectic belief structure. So here's a plan. What do you say we all make an effort to do as Rodney King pleaded, "Can't we all just get along, somehow?"

When a Christian enters their "prayer closet" they are doing the same thing as a New Ager who meditates to connect with universal source. When a Christian says, "I am born again" a New Ager might say, my chakras are spinning more fully now causing my Kundalini to rise." A Christian will often say, "Jesus Christ is my Lord" while a New Ager will say, "The highest essence of this one known as Jesus the Christ resonates in me and all races and clime of mankind." A Christian may quote the Bible and say, "No man comes to the Father accept through Jesus Christ" while the New Ager says, "To connect with universal source (God) one will demonstrate attributes as The Christ did and continues to do. Demonstration of conscious love is key to coming into harmony with universal source." Both New Agers and Christian are psychic. One calls it Clairvoyance and the other might call it the Voice of God. Actually all people have extra senses in our perception. A Christian will call these "Gifts of the Spirit" and to the New Ager they see it as the ability to predict the future (prophecy), levitation or the ability to dematerialize. The Christian Bible is chocked full of these examples as the power of human connected to universal source in love and truth perform Christian "miracles" and New Ager's science.

Language-ing moves into the greatest of all epic battles; the wrestling with the conqueror of human kind, death. Christians may say "Christ was the only one to physically resurrect his body from mortality to immortality." A New Ager may say "In living in the highest attributes of The Christ we are constantly realigning our entire cellular dna structure into perfection. Moving beyond all fear into perfect love we too can raise above the decay process whose eventual outcome is death. Absolute alignment with universal source is eternal, resurrective and beyond all decay. It is pure light and consciousness." Putting aside judgments on which path to universal source is more expedient we can propel ourselves into greater understanding of "The Source". Even this word is of Language-ing. We are best served, that we might serve others, when we look for the spirit and love of the communications each of these major belief systems have to offer.

The truth is there is, no separation, there has never been any separation for we are ALL ONE. Science is showing the cohesive mind produces physically cohesive manifestations. It is our "Faith" as shown in the mind's eye of the heart that will bridge these two worlds of the formed and the unformed. Science and Faith are merging now into a spectacular system of Being. All is possible in the unification of spirit toward a common good. This is the Beginning of the Return of The Garden to Earth.



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