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Rainbow Experiment and Heart Energy Experiment

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Showing Principles and Operations of the Universal Language of Light/Color Base Geometry Cooperative to Humanity... Allowing Structured Energy Fields to Harmonize Self and Better Our World

The Rainbow Experiment: "Show Connections to Essence Beyond Dimension; First Coalescing in Space and Time, First, Observed as Matter as Hydrogen in Evolving Stars until Implosion/Explosion Produces Heavier Elements to Form All Other Matter which is Organized to Conscious Individual and Working Together Gravitational Centers of Our Bodies, Cells, Electrons, Quarks and Even Further Down the Rabbit Hole."
The Heart Energy Experiment:
"Show Connections Between Produced/Tangible Effects and Aligning One's Self with Natural Energy Flows and Ebbs of Universal Vibrations of Light/Color Base Geometry Cooperative ."
(Experiment: A test under controlled conditions that is made to demonstrate a known truth, examine the validity of a hypothesis, or determine the efficacy of something previously untried.)
Hypotheses Rainbow Experiment:

*Seven Colors of the Rainbow Light and Seven Notes of Music-Sound are a direct result of rainbow/light musical-notes/sound arising out of Three Dimensional Space and Expressing Using Nodal Points of Matter upon which is Sound/Light Vibration.
*Rainbow Experiment description fully aligns with universal descriptions of color, shape and geometric function with the Golden Mean Ratio.
Hypotheses of Heart Energy Experiment:

*Heart Energy Experiment Exercises structures vital energy inwardly and outwardly.
*Placing ones direct experience at heart center of geometric energy fields structures vital energy centers of the human body.

Heart Energy Experiment and Rainbow Experiment Ongoing Inquiries
What are the Unseen and Seen Benefits of the Heart Energy Experiment Exercises?

Can Rainbow Experiment be used to inspire and change us to realize that there is so much more going on in our existence than meets the eye?
How does Rainbow Experiment and/or Heart Energy Experiment augment Psi power experiments in known truths such as Synchronicity, Law of Attraction, Energy Healing, Channeling, Recent Quantum Physics Discoveries, Planetary Shift and Paranormal Investigation?
These universal questions and more are discussed here. Come and join us in a Gathering of Equals as we share, learn and teach with each other through our common experiences in Psi power.

We are not [nature's] only experiment R. Buckminster Fuller.











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