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Rainbow Equation New Names and Diagrams

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New Rainbow Equation

Beginning in 2010 the Rainbow Equation will take on some exciting new looks at name changes. As our commitment to always bring the clearest and latest information we feel it is important. To represent the highest and basest explanations of the Universal Field Equation blends each into an intriiguing mix of metaphysics and science.

The Seven Interlinking circles will remain being called Logos Circle Seven. There is a shift in how we view the rings of colors now. Before the yellow moved outwardly directly into the second ring... Now this same yellow sector appears rotated 90 degrees. This additional rotation accomodates the nature's spinning vortexes of the rainbow circles as the energy moves inwardly and outwardly.






The diagram that was called Trinity Six will now more officially recognized by the name of Space Symmetry Six. Formerly the diagram represented four hexagonal centers of the Rainbow Tetrahedron. Now the concepts expand as a symmetry across space structure is shown with rainbow. This allows energy to be continuous across space, time and manifest worlds.






3rd Eye Open is the new name of two other forms found on the time/beyond tme axis of the Rainbow Equation. When one is operating in the Super conscious and the conscious mind then truly their Third Eye is Open. The Conscious level of the Rainbow Equation is the representation of the Rainbow 3d Triangle and the Super Conscious is Mathematically shown in the total matrix of the White Symmetry Vector Equilibrium.








The diagram formerly called Synchronicity Clock or sometimes Zodiac Diagram will now go by the name of Time Symmetry Co-Incidence. When one looks beyond time yet through time as represented here on the time/beyond time axis. This Rainbow Energy diagram represents the center spinning axis of the wheel. Viewing along its center we begin to awaken conscious and super conscious and open our third eye.






The rainbow form called Cube before will now be more correctly identified as Rainbow 3rd Frequency Cube. This is to represent this 3d Rainbow Cube is a "third stacking" of cubes for a total 27 smaller cubes all of which are in alignment with the six directions of space. These directions from heart center conscious perspective are up/down left/right and front/back. Energizing along this rainbow cube matrix brings alignment to space at heart//mind center.





The Rainbow form previously simply called Sphere will now more officially be recognized by the title of Rainbow 3rd Frequency Sphere. The coloring remains the same and the title is to bring more clarity to the fact that it is the 3d projection of Logos Circle Seven. The Rainbow 3rd Frequency Sphere is also a representation of the Rainbow 3rd Frequency Cube with the "corners" cut off. This spherical rainbow energy flows along the 3d axis of space.




On the other side of the 3d Form Axis of the Rainbow Equation is the linear representation. Its official title will now be called Rainbow 3rd Frequency Tetrahedron. This Linear form flows with the rainbow along the triangles that make the four sides. Spiraling the rainbow energy flowing the hexagons of the shell of the Rainbow 3rd Frequency Tetrahedron produces a crystalline energy matrix at heart center.





The title of Clear 4th Frequency Cube is given to the crystalline cube that supports the axes of 3d base forms, 2d base diagrams and time/beyond time. It is a representation of the 4th stacking of clear cubes to produce a total stacking of 64 smaller cubes. Counting each of these cubes total sides allows for the perfect mathematical equation found throughout the Rainbow Equation.

Painted Rainbow

Painted Rainbow = Both sides of every rainbow colored sector and line (not including 3F cube) = 4 to the third power times 12 = 768.--Total Total rainbow colored sectors of 3F Cube = 324.

White Light

White Light = Total sectors of White Symmetry Vector Equilibrium Symmetry planes = 4 to the third power times 12 = 768 -- Total white sectors of the Sphere (4) + Tetrahedron (32) times 9 = 324.

Clear Light

Clear Light = Total clear sectors in Clear 4F Cube (not including Time Symmetry Co-Incidence(24) + Space Symmetry Six (12) = 4 to the third power times 12 = 768-- Total clear sectors of Time Symmetry Co-Incidence(24) + Space Symmetry Six (12) times 9 = 324



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