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Psi Power

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Psi Power

The connection between what is thought of as mind and the manifest world all around us is Psi Power. It is the communicative source between unformed and formed. All information is contained in vibratory fields. Sound and light are frequencies of organized vibration sent forth and received for the purpose of communication. All people have Psi power to various levels of sensitivity and application. The light we see and sound we hear in our dreams are also organized vibratory frequencies sent forth and received for the purposes of communication. In our dreams information fields of light and sound can shift as the observer of the dream moves instantly their attention from one vibrational packet of information to another. The individual mind or observer chooses what to give attention to and out of this the communication arises through space revealing itself in slower vibratory frequencies, such as light, sound and symbols. In people with more of an awareness and thereby more of an application of their Psi power this same organized field of light, sound and other vibratory frequencies can be received in much the same way as a dream. The communication is heard, saw or otherwise perceived as the one exercising Psi Power tunes into the here and now, moving into all time, and allows the essence of the vibrational packet of information to arise through space revealing itself in consciousness as information packet is interpreted. Also, in those types of people who are said to have a green thumb and all they grow really prevails, the sources of Psi power is apparent. These types of people are nurturers and they also observe into structure the dream they create. Nurturers tend to be extra aware of observing an environment and creating a synergetic approach to moving that environment to a more cohesive and functioning place. They choose to move into a nurturing essence setting a tone through which purest intention can arise through the space manifesting in slower vibrations that become apparent in the living vital energy the plants show as they express their highest potential in this nurturing environment. It is the mind directed by the purest essential intent of the heart that resonates with full Psi power potential. It is the mind that observes, yet it is the intent of the heart that chooses what the mind will observe. We live in a world where we direct and choose what we create as we bring this dream called life into experience through observing through space what we want. Our mind can choose to direct the heart for nourishing or imbalance. We choose and allow Psi Power to direct what will manifest from essence through space and into slower vibrations of time and experience. Psi power gives us the ability to literally stand in the middle between formed and unformed and bring intentional energetic transformations of the experiential field all around us.









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