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If you really love one another, just remember this
The trip you take, whether short or long, is a special gift
Don't fear the end, for it will come in due time
Just enjoy it day to day, what you have in your mind.
Let your love flow freely for the one it's intended for.
Because behind that door, if the key fits right, you'll find
Millions of other doors that will open to your mind.
Do not lose that love, especially for yourself
Unless you want those doors to close and that key go on the shelf.
When you let those doors close you also close the ones to your mind,
Then you can easily lose that love for yourself and mankind.
So keep on loving one another, till end time is due,
And there will be nothing ever to fear, except for you
--written morning of July 15, 1983 by Terri A.
posted 9/15/08



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