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Seven Heart Energy Inter-Play Tips

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Seven Heart Energy Structuring Inter-Play Tips

1. See colors and shapes energetically. It is not necessary to mentally see them but more to feel them, imagining what shape or color would be like if heart center was the observer point. Observer point is the mind focused at heart center, looking in consciousness toward center or out along observed energy relationships and grids.

2. Use slow breath cycle to move from one energy relationship to the next. Slowing breath cycle down to about six cycles per minute one can become aware of heart rhythm that can be used to pulsate energy in and out along energy grids Go slowly at first until the basic flow of energy model is learned then further relationships to observer heart center can be added. It is best to energize a simple energy pattern than to stress over organizing many movements at once.

3. Size of the energy patterns to be heart structured will vary depending on body size and reach. Generally, the diagram and 3D form models energetically extend 2/3 the reach of out stretched hand to the observer's heart center. Rainbow Light, White Light and Clear Light exercises are energized beyond distance. Some set a limit of several feet from heart center while others may extend a few feet or even an infinite distance.

4. When working with and practicing heart structuring attempt to use mental language free of ideologies, dogmas and creeds, instead focusing on language that defines energy movement, color relationship, nodal energy points and structural arrangement to observer's heart center.

5. Like many mind exercises or forms of meditation it is best when practicing heart structuring exercises to have a relatively quiet environment free of distractions. With consistent practice it will become easier to do Heart Structuring anywhere and at any time to rebalance, reenergize and reconnect with natural energy flows.

6. Even though it is possible to observe and energize from heart center several energetic perspectives at once, best results can be obtained by truly connecting to simple flow(s) of energy, feeling it from the highest energy level it has to offer and activating greater connection moving in and out to rhythm of breath and heart.

7. Belief and observer recognition of energy structures are keys to activating living potential of Heart Structuring. Work initially with shape, energy structures and models that can be understood on intellectual level. The ten exercises are in order from simplest to energize and activate to most profound. Feel free to move from exercise to exercise as you familiarize yourself with the basics found in earlier exercises. A simple exercise once understood and moved effectively to heart center can have profound balancing and energizing affects.

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