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Heart Power

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Heart Power

The Heart is an amazing part of the universal field structure. In this modern age of advanced energetic science and research we are learning more about the heart than ever before. The human physical heart will beat hundreds of millions of times in a lifetime moving inwardly to nourish all life centers and at implosion to absolute center it moves outwardly drawing the life force to outer portals to be re-nourished in the continuing cycle of life. All life beats with the same cyclical spinning pattern as the human heart. At the atomic level an atoms spins rapidly on its axis; second, it moves rapidly round a small orbit; third, it is all the while expanding and contracting, pulsating like a beating heart level. The atom like the heart is following natural universal energy patterns. Institutions such as Heart Math have shown through years of research that mind and state of mind have direct effect on ones health and well being. A relaxed, stress-free heart produces smooth rhythms and structure to universal patterns of energy, whereas a distracted or stress-filled heart causes many energy imbalances measurable in the body.

The heart contains much light energy and is as cognitive as the brain and perhaps more. Scientists are learning the heart controls many functions related to the energy matrix of the body. Energy is all around us it is the function of the heart to collect and distribute it, energetically, to vital functions of our make up bringing in and releasing a river of nourishment and light information. It is possible to see the glow of a human heart from across a darkened room. This same light energy is a pure matrix of information being released by heart-mind. A spiral is a blending of a point moving linear and circular at the same time. Spinning vortexes of DNA structure have be mathematically analyzed showing they contain this same mathematical precision found in the conversion of three dimensional linear to three dimensional circular. All life systems spin following this spinning universal circular vortex. The human energy vortexes spin freely and in dimensional harmony as living stress free lifestyle is established. Heart Structuring Exercises can help align natural energy structures as mind holds the pattern of base geometric relationship to center awareness. With practice one can bring nature's intentional transformational process into reality in their life allowing all energy centers to spin more freely and vibrantly. A heart that is alignment with spinning universal circular vortex will live up to its full potential as connectivity to universal energy functions move through every aspect of life experience.









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