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Heart Structuring Nature's Way

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Heart Structuring Nature's Way

Following Nature's example we can allow natural energy flows and Rhythms of energy. The rhythm of our breath and the beating of our heart connect with this same pulsating energy in all life. This energy rotates following a circular universal vortex into all our life centers.

Using the Structure of Light we rhythmically pulsate in an out of our heart's center... creating a light matrix with internal self, while energetically structuring a better world with every beat. The atom is a Heart-Shaped Structure. Under observation an atom is seen to be extremely active, three movements being chiefly noticeable: First, it spins rapidly on its axis; second, it moves rapidly round a small orbit ; third, it is all the while expanding and contracting, pulsating like a beating heart . All the so-called elements, and hence all compounds of every sort derived from these elements, are made of geometrically-arranged groups of these heart Shaped atoms. Since the body is also made up of trillions of these heart-shaped atoms the entire body's energetic system is also rotating, revolving and pulsating to heart centers. Applying mind power, especially as focused on the heart center, can bring synergy to these trillions of heart-shaped atoms allowing them to move along structured energetic paths more freely and precisely. Heart Energy Structuring moves vibratory frequencies of color and shape aligning the total energetic being to natural base geometric expression. Exercises blend energy patterns of second and third dimensions with exacting interplay of ratio between linear and circular. The heart shaped pattern seen in atoms is a Universal Circular Vortex, a perfect blending to center of the axes of 2D, 3D, linear and circular. Intentionally placing oneself at the center of this vibrant vital energy can bring a since of balance and rhythm to every aspect of self and life's experience.


Spinning, Orbiting and Pulsating Heart Structure of an Atom




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