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Article: Bagging Synchronicity

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Bagging Synchronicity

Imagine yourself in a world of everything exactly the way you have planned it. Imagine living life where things just fell into place. Imagine Synchronicity.. Imagine Yourself and Universe as One. For Eons of time religions, cults and esoteric practices have been built around the premise of Synchronicity. All people have always had access to this natural human condition. yet it is so magical in how it works many/most have been drawn into initially seeking these attributes outside themselves. They most often were led with promises of pie in the sky mansions only to be had in some sort of an after life. if the ordinances of the religion were practiced. In many/most cases these spiritual practices increased synchronicities in the participants life, especially as an observed connection was allowed to flourish between self and universal source. It is this observation that is most essential in Bagging Synchronicities in your life. Many people who live a life of belief their being, in connection with a higher being, is an active part of the process in allowing synchronisms have more observable mind field connections in their lives. Simply put; those who choose to observe, observe and those who don't observe, don't observe.

In modern day quantum physics scientists can actually watch an atomic particle move and manifest in a different molecular position than the anticipated path. simply based upon the observer's interaction with the experiment. In our dreams we control the interaction of the light's processes as our consciousness "paints" images, storylines and essence upon the landscape of our mind's eye. the observer. These light waves which appear to light up our otherwise seemingly darkened brain are pure energy directed by consciousness. You are that observer consciousness AND so is universal source the observer consciousness. Ones who operate BALANCE in this oneness of self/universal observer tend to have a greater degree of influence in their experiential field. We have heard or know people who have a green thumb when it comes to growing things. it is their communing with self knowledge, moving in action and tenderness and for the betterment of the life forms involved. It is this type of lifestyle and attitude that produces conscious field events all around the connector's life stream. Many would want to bag this connectivity and control and even market it, yet the most essential element is: that it is the connection in consciousness itself that creates synchronicity. This connection: Self-Source in Harmony with Universal-Source. Try to bag this connect and leave this essential element out and watch what happens. chances are you will observe little, unless of course your watching (observation) becomes so acute your conscious connect into the all encompassing field generates the path through which the manifesting particles will manifest in your timing field.

It is said that the original people of this land today called United States did not see the giant boats or even the scores of people aboard the original landing parties. it was not until the Tribal Elders showed the less conscious ones, saying "Look, behold with your own eyes", that the bringers of change to that land could be seen. Suddenly their eyes were open and they could see. Typically it has been the enlightened Elders that have opened their eyes wide enough that others could begin to see alternative realities exist. The Mind Observation controls the Field. As clarity, or light's pattern, is brought into consciousness the All Encompassing Universal Field moves toward this potential. The potential for unlimited experiential outcomes exists simultaneously within the Universal Field when consciousness moves directed by intent of the heart. This creates a wave across the infinite field of potential. The Universal Source moves into Being directed by the Intent of the conscious self. Here the timing of events emerges in the moment (synchronizing) in the connection of observer saying, "I see a connection". Had the observer not observed it then for that observer it did not happen, even though other observers may have seen the manifestation in their mind's eye. For instance, this is often seen when some will see a UFO and others present do not.

Moving light images, patterns and essence in our dream world is no different than what occurs with psychics as they tune into the universal source. The waves detected are from the field of universal potential and are being centralized in their communication by tuning into intent of a specific vibration. This brings into the psychic one's vibrations, waves of potential that come in across and stepping down into the dimensional field of expression, also observed as light, sound, feeling or intuition. This potential to occur as the psychic interprets is increased as they connect to the highest and purest essential universal message for the best of all concerned. The connection to synchronicity grows as we realize we are controlling the matter and timing field around us. Since all matter is energy, as observed by scientists, it sits on the very edge of the universal field of potential able to be transmuted beyond time into any field of experience. It is this reason the mind can bend spoons, dematerialize matter and cause the body to levitate. It is all energy directed by a conscious connected by the observer who moves beyond doubt. In others words, the entirety of their eternal source self agrees with entirety of eternal universal source and as the observer observes so is it accomplished from the field of unlimited potential.

So You want to Bag More Synchronicity in your life?... then one word; LOVE. Love is the source that draws together self to universal. Love is the unification between mind and heart that guides Universal Will into perfect manifestation. Love is the Great Unifier. Being guided by the source of love's unifying properties will bring not only more synchronicities into your life but more abundance, peace and true natural power. Choose today, "I will observe In Awe of Source's Presence in Me and All Creation."



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