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Connecting Color Spectrum and Heart Center to Space's Six Directions

Visualize yourself energetically standing at the center of a very large Rubik's Cube extending out several feet in all directions from your heart center. Here your heart becomes the center cube of what is also called third frequency cube or simply stated 3F cube. A 3F cube is the closest packing of 27 smaller cubes that gives direction to the dimensions of space. As we energetically stand in the center cube of these 27 cubes we can center ourselves left and right (width), front and back (breadth) and finally top and bottom (height) allowing energy to flow from the six spatial directions of space. Connecting as heart center in the 3F cube we also connect fully with the natural flow of the seven color spectrum. Here at heart center cube we connect left and right with translucent orange energy as the walls of nine squares illuminate red and yellow to energize and empower our entire being. Next we can energize heart center along the breadth axis as we move the color spectrum energy of the 3F cube's walls of nine combining translucent yellow and blue front and back to produce high frequency healing green energy bringing vitality and restoration to us. Finally to complete the total unanimity of color spectrum alignment we bring indigo spectrum energy into our heart center as the translucent walls illuminate blue and violet energy from the top and bottom of us. This translucent indigo energy increases our intuitive abilities connecting us with unlimited knowledge and insights. At center of Color Spectrum 3F Cube we can bring total alignment, focus and vitality allowing the natural color energies and the six spatial directions of space to merge completely in our inner most being.



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