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2010 Natural Unity United States and Canada Tour

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Natural Unity Tour 2010
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We are All Connected as Open Our Heart to the Splendors of Natural Unity All Around Us. As the earth changes we are changing too. We are moving toward a more cooperative union than ever before. Natural Unity Tour connects hearts stretching from the United States Desert Southwest to the Canadian Northeast Forest Regions. Come and Join with Us as Hearts and Minds Merge with a Vision for the Future.

  Visionary and Inspirational speaker David N. Christy uses Heart to move us to the next level. Are you ready to take a quantum leap into the next dimension? Now is Your Time! Experience the magic power of Color Spectrum Therapy and Sacred Universal Mandalas. Now heart has met science in the fascinating world of our Future as we co-create the New Paradigm Shift Together.

To Learn of our Intinary May-July 2010 in a city near Please check back here
Locations and dates in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ontario Canada are being looked at in Unity Churches, Metaphyscial Churches and MeetUp Groups.

If you would like to host David Christy please contact him at

"There is Nothing More Powerful than an Idea Whose Time has Come" ~Victor Hugo 


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