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Merge your Mind/Heart Energy to Activate your True Connection using Color Shape Vibration Heart Meditations and Open to Wonder-filled Frontiers of Light and Love in Your Life. In Love There is All Power.

You are On the Edge of a Great Beginning... The Nature of Light Stirs the Heart... Illumines the Mind to Merkabah... Nature's Wheels Within... Connecting Self with Nature's Most Powerful Universal Source.

Power Journeys into Heart, Mind and Soul



David Shepard-Love's Daily Inspirations:

Love Illuminations
link here
At times, the days of our lives may seem empty and without direction, yet within we know there must be a Master Plan. These words are brought to you to give you strength on your spiritual journey, as they have me on mine. For 150 days a writing came forth as a part of a daily meditation. You too, will grow as these words are absorbed daily while coming from a position of centeredness. Set free the “I Am” of who you are and be Love & Light to All.

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Click on Past Love Illuminations Below:
1~"Day One" 2~"Your Ascention" 3~"Your Earthy Path" 4~"Take Wings" 5~"Releasing Burdens" ~6"A True Lover" 7~"Power of Love" 8~"Reflecting Mother/Father God" 9~"Step Forward" 10~"A New Way" 11~"Illumined Purpose" 12~"The Now" 13~"Mountains of Life" 14~"Love's Light" 15~"Morning Star" 16~"Three-Fold Balance

Home Divine

Let there be light on the earth to guide the weary home. Let there be love in this home that they may feel the glowing essence of Source's being. Let life always flourish in abundance on this earth, flowing into the one perfect soul.
Grace be with you my child and share it. Together, you and me, one with the Creator, we can live in love and light. It brightens the way to come and see.
They will see harmony and as they raise their voices in song they will glow to warm the earth even more. It is all so beautiful to see us join as one with Divine Essence, the Creator.
We can now co-create the universe and know of the Garden of Eternal Life .


Learn More The Book "LOVE ILLUMINATIONS: Aquarian Age Word of Spiritual Freedom"

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David Shepard-Love's Most Recent YouTube Video: "Reflections on Forgiveness"

Color Spectrum Sacred Geometry® for POWER of Mind, Body and Soul

Here are Links to Discover Why Rainbow Geometry:

Psi-Power's Most Recent Articles:

11/11/11 Creation Story: Living Beings Unite... link here
Many eons ago there was divine light that wished to express itself and joy in its creation. It so loved and in this splendor it began to move and Light expressed itself upon this Globe of Living Energy we experience as earth. Such a splendor here as the Being of Light moved forth joyfully and out of this joy sprang the Loving Creations all around.The Being of Light now was seeing the fruits of internal movements of Love as Mountains sprang forth and... read full article or go to blog at www.LightWorkers.org

Rainbow Heart Visualizations: link here
Joining with OUR heart we take a wonderful journey into healing and nurturing. We step to the edge of the unknown and for some of us we are afraid wondering what if I step off will I fall or will I fly? Yet step we do and in this very act of trust we catch the wind of spirit beneath our wings. We are given the direction... read full article or go to blog at www.LightWorkers.org


Raising Our Vibration for Mother Earth: link here
We are on the edge of a Grand new Beginning and already Our Mother, Our Earth, is raising her vibration. In a physical sense she is the one we have arisen from and just like all of us share the DNA of our earthly Mother we also share the DNA of our Sweet Mother Earth... read full article or go to blog at www.LightWorkers.org

YouTube Videos by David Shepard-Love http://www.youtube.com/NaturesWheel




Why Will Color Shape Vibration Heart Meditations Help You? link
What Makes Color Spectrum Sacred Geometry® Unique? link
Frequently Asked Questions: Color Shape Vibration Heart Meditations link


  Heart Energy Activities link here
Use Your Heart/Mind to Inter-Play with Natural Energy Flows of Light/Color Base Geometry Moving Vital Structured Energy Inwardly and Outwardly.


Heart Energy Connections link here
*Connect Heart Energy Inter-Plays between Inner and Outer Life Experiences.
*Connect with and Play at Heart Center of Geometric Energy Field Structures and Life Energy Centers of Your Body.
Moving Rainbow Mandalas link here

Heart Structuring Nature's Way link here
Following Nature's example we can allow natural energy flows and Rhythms of energy. The rhythm of our breath and the beating of our heart connect with this same pulsating energy in all life. This energy rotates following a circular universal vortex into all our life centers.Using the Structure of Light we rhythmically pulsate in an out of our heart's center... creating a light matrix with internal self, while energetically structuring a better world with every beat... read full article


Revelation Four Diagram: Merkabah Revelaled by Light Spectrum and Christain Prophets... link here
Imagine yourself sitting on the throne at the center of universal sources. In ancient sacred documents we discover the connection to the spinning chariot wheels of the Merkabah. In these Christain text we see connections that allows us to connect with the light spectrum and sacred geometry. read full article or go to blog at www.LightWorkers.org

Universal Ressurection: Zodiac Synchronicity Clock... Rainbows, Merkabah and Prophecy... link here
We see St. John and Ezekiel use these descriptions of the Four Living Beings to show a connection to Time and the Zodiac. Both use symbolism of the signs of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and an Eagle. In the Zodiac wheel it is Scorpio that appears directly across from the Bull or Taurus.... read full article or go to blog at www.LightWorkers.org

Creation Story: Earth's Four Living Beings Unite... link here
Many eons ago there was divine light that wished to express itself and joy in its creation. It so loved and in this splendor it began to move and Light expressed itself upon this Globe of Living Energy we experience as earth. Such a splendor... read full article or go to blog at www.LightWorkers.org

Supernatural Phenomena: Rainbows Around the Sun... link here
When groups or an individual focuses on magnifying peace it can bring about a physical phenomena known as a sundog. A regular sundog is common to see but when the mind merges into universal peace directions this type of sundog can be magnified in brightness 1000-fold. . read more


Connecting Color Spectrum and Heart Center to Space's Six Directions: Health and Vitality Naturally... link here
Visualize yourself energetically standing at the center of a very large Rubik's Cube extending out several feet in all directions from your heart center. Here your heart becomes the center cube of what is also called third frequency cube or simply stated 3F cube. A 3F cube is the closest packing of 27 smaller cubes that gives direction to the dimensions of space... read full article or go to blog at www.LightWorkers.org

Symmetries of the Vector Equilibrium
link here
Various sacred doctrines have talked symbolically about what could be termed " A White Stone ". This is a symbolic connection to a vast reality in much the same way the full spectrum of the rainbow comes from a single light white. This "White Stone" is visible evidence that produces a synergy between linear/circular, 2-D/3-D and the axis of Time. Then, like a stone, it shows a strong connection to the overlayment of all these creative functions to the reality of the Fourth Dimension. ... read full article

Color Spectrum Sacred Geometry Science Interplay:.. link here

Place Yourself in the Conscious Inter-Play between All Matter; Organized by Individual and Working Together Gravitational Centers of Our Bodies; Cells, Electrons, Quarks and Even Further Down the Rabbit Hole.

Light Spectrum Connection: Rainbow Golden Mean Ratio Mathematics We are moving into learning that sound has exact universal ratio and so does the rainbow spectrum in combination with base geometric shapes. The light spectrums 7-fold light can precisely be placed in geometry's Golden Mean Ratio.
*Inter-Play with Seven Colors of the Rainbow-Light and Seven Notes of Music-Sound; Three Dimensionally Aligning Your Body's Energy Nodal Points to Natural Universal Flow
*Inter-Play Golden Mean Ratio with Universal Descriptions of Color, Shape and Geometric Function.
Read More: link here

Color Spectrum Sacred Geometry®:
Updates for Universal Field Rainbow Equation... link here
As we understand the inner workings of Universal Base Color Spectrum Energy Realities we at psi-power.com attempt to keep you current with the latest developments. Many Exciting changes are happening to bring grander light to rainbow story and matrix to show absolute connection to Seven-fold light, sound and base geometric shape. read full article or go to blog at www.LightWorkers.org


Discover Latest in Sacred Geometry and Extraterrestrials link





Crop Circle Mysteries:
Revelations in Geometric Mind Melding

Galactic Federation of Light The First Contact Plans
>>>Part 1 of 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgfnGNbASU8
>>>Part 2 of 4
>>>Part 3 of 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qc-L1yw8iw
>>>Part 4 of 4








David Shepard-Love's Most Recent YouTube Video: "Galactic Village"

Throughout the Universe, Human, Humanoids and Aliens are Streaming to OUR Beloved Planet Earth. We Extend Love and Beauty to them for with their Loving Assistance and Gratitude they too Extend Beauty and All Good things. Together We are Transforming Our World into a Literal Garden. We All Will live in Abundance, Health and Freedom Forevermore!!


Nature's Wheel Special Interest Videos:
Intentional Merkabah
~ Imagine ~ Lumuria


More Writings of David Shepard-Love:

Article: Bagging Synchronicity... link here
Imagine yourself in a world of everything exactly the way you have planned it. Imagine living life where things just fell into place. Imagine Synchronicity.. Imagine Yourself and Universe as One. For Eons of time religions, cults and esoteric practices have been built around the premise of Synchronicity. read full article or go to blog at www.LightWorkers.org

Blog: +Opposites-Attract?: Rainbows and Equations... link here
Rainbows are oh so beautiful there in the sky giving us a feeling of tranquility and awe. Equations form rigid in the mind and give us a feeling of "MUST" be this way. Most of us believe to see the world the way that we have learned to observe it. We see and as we accept this is true then this observation becomes our reality. In blending the logical mind of equation and the artsy mind of awe we begin to arrive at central perspective. read full article or go to blog at www.LightWorkers.org

Blog: Language Myths: Christian Vs. New Age... link here
In these days of plenty there seems to be plenty of fears going around about that which is essentially the same universal source. There are belief systems that are set up here, particularly in the United States, that on the surface appear to be not working together. The more fundamentalist Christian might say and act in ways that exclude a New Ager's point of view. While some New Agers find it hard to narrowly focus on a singular belief system or Godhead. read full article or go to blog at www.LightWorkers.org.

Poem LOVE If you really love one another, just remember this
The trip you take, whether short or long, is a special gift
read more


Debbie & David Christy

Check out more blogs by David Shepherd-Love at... http://lightworkers.org/natures-wheel
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Watch this Video if You are an Indigo Child or Know One?

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Peace On Earth

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Activating Rainbow Geometry Visualization

Breathe in the structured light of space itself. Move your breath into heart center and out to all heart centers everywhere. At heart aware center, activate point of boundless space, moving it as a line of intention into world of form. Activated heart center moves lines of pure intention into pure planes of visibility. Breathe into living light energy moving it from point, to line, to planes of experience of 3D form. Activate 7fold structured space itself. Be light structured rainbow cube as breath and heart pulsate through 2nd and 3rd dimensions of 4th dimensional space in nature's linear and circular energetic patterns. At true dimensional center; time, experience and you, as observer, synergize into one.




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